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Welcome to the Capstone Conversation!

From episode: Capstone Trailer

Welcome to the Capstone Conversation, I'm your host, Jared Asch. Our goal is to interview top political and government leaders, as well as community leaders here in the East Bay, covering Alameda, Contra Costa, and Solano counties. We're going to look at how is the East Bay growing. What are they doing to work together to solve regional transportation and housing needs? How are we recruiting new businesses and expanding our workforce here? How are we protecting our clerks and offering better services? How are we going to keep that small mom-and-pop business operating with a big new competitor chain next door? These are usually going to be some of the questions as East Bay continues to grow and thrive as an economic region. So step on into the Capstone Conversation and join us every Wednesday. Hit the subscribe button and follow us on LinkedIn at Capstone Government Affairs or find me, Jared Ash.

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