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Capstone Government Affairs

About Us

A capstone is a final stone on the top of an archway, representing its crowning achievement, holding everything together, and locking all the other stones in place. Capstone Government Affairs is the key piece that will bring everything together to reach your goals and achieve success.


Capstone is a full-service San Francisco Bay Area government affairs firm. With over two decades of experience, we bring a wide range of valuable experience, skills, and knowledge to help our clients reach their goals. 

We have key relationships with bi-partisan elected officials and decision-makers in every County and major city throughout the Bay Area. Capstone lives at the intersection of business and government, helping clients increase and expand their revenue and geographic footprint. Together, we open doors and close deals.

Expertise includes:

  • Driving government procurement

  • Securing government incentives and tax breaks for your company

  • Creating sources of funding

  • Building a political or stakeholder coalition to advance your issues


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