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50 State Energy Offices

Capstone helps its energy clients open doors and close deals.


Capstone Government Affairs is a full-service government affairs firm with over two decades of experience in the energy and sustainability sector; we help companies connect to state energy offices, identify funding sources, and create sales opportunities.


Capstone Government Affairs drives revenue for our clients.  To help pave the way for our clients, we utilize our strong collaborative network with resources on the ground.  We have cultivated and strengthened relationships with all 50 state energy offices, key energy staff in each Governor’s Office, leading energy leaders in both parties in the state legislators, and crucial energy community-based energy stakeholders.


Capstone helps our clients succeed through effective navigation. This is critical, as each state energy office is organized differently and encompasses a variety of stakeholders. Capstone has successfully advised clients on their approach to state energy offices on an array of projects, including solar energy, hydrogen, PACE financing, ESCOs, innovative finance companies, LED lighting, building materials, electric vehicle infrastructure, building solutions, energy data solutions, energy storage, and more.

Our services and expertise include the following:

  • State and local government sales, permits, and land use issues

  • Local renewable energy project development

  • Grant writing and grant research

  • Identify and prioritize the states most likely to fund and create favorable regulations for your company’s services and products

  • Build strategic plans to approach all 50 state energy offices

  • Map stakeholders within government, including the energy offices, the Governor’s Office, and other administrative agencies.

  • Map stakeholders, including community players, NGOs, utility partners, equity-based organizations, and trade groups within each state

  • Develop innovative energy programs in partnership with state energy offices

  • Identify funding sources related to the Inflation Reduction Act.

  • Maximize government funding, including appropriations to build energy infrastructure


 Contact us for a free 30-minute consultation at:

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