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Economic Development 

Local, state, and federal economic development incentives are often overlooked, but there are millions of dollars accessible and obtainable to most companies, regardless of size and experience. There are incentives for hiring and training workers, conducting research, capital improvements, locating offices in prioritized neighborhoods, and creating jobs.

Capstone will analyze your company to determine all the government incentives to which you are entitled. We'll also guide you through the process to maximize your benefits. Our acute understanding of economic data and ability to tailor the message to the local political environment enables our clients to augment their investments and help communities build a stronger economic atmosphere. 


Opportunities Include:

  • Workforce recruitment and training

  • Cash grants

  • Offset capital improvements

  • State tax breaks for job creating

  • Reduction in property taxes

  • Tax Credits

  • Tax Incentives

  • Site selection

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