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Jared Asch,
Founder and Managing Partner

Jared Asch

Jared Asch

The Founder of Capstone Government Affairs, Jared Asch has over two decades of experience in government affairs, politics, procurement, stakeholder engagement, and economic development consulting. Jared manages nationwide government affairs portfolios for his clients and is a skilled relationship builder with a large network that spans industries and regions.


Jared’s expertise includes but is not limited to renewable energy, transportation, infrastructure, smart cities, technology, healthcare, and agriculture. Highlights of his career include selling over 200MW of solar power to the government and municipalities for a well-known solar developer, which represented a third of the company’s commercial solar sector for four years; he also secured more than $250M for a street light company, including a retrofit of street lights and implementation of 5G networks for cities that included infrastructure for autonomous vehicles, gunshot sensors, and public Wi-Fi; and Jared has also sold three transportation bridges to municipalities, providing a turnkey partner to local communities, improving infrastructure, and creating jobs for the communities.

Before founding Capstone, Jared oversaw the West Coast division of National Strategies, a government, and public affairs firm. During his tenure there, Jared built an expansive lobbyist network, led the company’s economic development division, and helped to grow the company’s procurement division into major cities, counties, and metro areas. Before that, Jared was the Executive Director of Efficiency First and built a large national trade organization with members in all 50 states. His efforts on behalf of Efficiency First included consulting with the US DOE and lobbying governors and municipalities with energy and economic interests on behalf of small business contractors. Before this, Jared worked in Florida politics and is a veteran of political campaigns and fundraising.


Jared Asch has a Master’s in Public Administration from American University and a Bachelor of Science from Florida State University. He is LEED AP by the US Green Building Council.  Jared currently serves the City of Walnut Creek as Chair of the Transportation Commission and he is Chair of the Citizen Board of Advisors to the Contra Costa County Transit Agency. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and three children.

Jared Asch is the host of the Capstone Conversation, a podcast interviewing local elected officials, and leaders in government in the Greater East Bay. Additionally, you can review the blog, based on the podcast.

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