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Stakeholder Engagement

Effective stakeholder outreach, facilitation, and engagement can be the key to a client's success. We design targeted approaches to multifaceted policy and legislative challenges, broadening support by relevant community members and stakeholders, and utilizing our extensive network of elected officials and leaders from across the nation.


Our experts will plan and organize strategic local, state, regional, and national political and issue-oriented grassroots campaigns, meetings, partnerships, digital strategy, and more. By bringing people together, we help develop impactful partnerships that benefit our clients.

Our comprehensive strategic stakeholder engagement services include:

  • Public outreach and education

  • Coalition building

  • Engaging public leaders and Elected Officials

  • Data collection and/or data analysis

  • Organizing “Town Hall” style community meetings, workshops, and presentations

  • Business Leader Engagement

  • Neighborhood and Homeowner outreach and endorsements

  • Grassroots Advocacy

  • Digital Outreach and Social Media Campaigns

  • Issue-Oriented Campaigns

  • Door to Door-to-door canvassing

  • Community Webinars

  • Public Affairs

Check out the Capstone Conversation podcast hosted by Jared Asch.

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