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Government Sales & Procurement

At Capstone, we sit at the intersection of business and government to help our clients increase their sales. We combine decades of experience and relationships in regulated industries. Our passion is opening doors and closing deals. 

We manage procurement opportunities in all 58 counties and all major and mid-sized cities. Capstone assists your company to identify and create new opportunities to sell your products and services. We are able to identify new opportunities or verticals that will create new business opportunities.


San Francisco Bay Area Experts

At Capstone, our partners are active in all nine Bay-Area counties and nearly ALL 101 mid and large-sized cities across the Bay. 


California Statewide Collaborative

To best serve our customers, we've built and managed a coalition of partners, all experts in legislative and government affairs, in all 58 counties throughout California.  Through our coalition, we have access to all the major mayors and every County Board of Supervisors.

Government Affairs & Procurement: We shape local/state political and regulatory campaigns and state legislative lobbying to influence policy decision-making. We've managed procurement opportunities in all 50 states and major and mid-size cities and counties. We also excel at leveraging public relations and electing government officials.

Collaborative Partnerships: We partner with clients to develop procurement, regulatory, and legislative strategies to open new markets and engage in direct sales.


Business Development: Our government procurement sector has enabled us to facilitate business deals on behalf of clients worth over $1.5B with states and local governments.

Services Include:

  • Increase state and local government sales

  • Build your SLED (State, Local, Education) sales pipeline

  • Expand your government sales into new geographic markets

  • Create a new government sales vertical

  • Expand your government sales pipeline beyond cities and states to places such as airports, water districts, and community colleges

  • Design a strategy that drives and sustains your competitive edge

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