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How Gina Del Carlo Is Redefining Workforce Development With Earn and Learn

From episode: Gina Del Carlo, Founder of Earn and Learn - EPISODE 16

I was at an event the other day at Autodesk, and it's a company a lot of us know they're involved in so many things. But as an example, it's hard for a kid to say, I want to grow up and work at Autodesk or Oracle or Cisco, right? Those companies are involved in everything, but we don't necessarily know what they do, but they are interested in everything. So, getting the people there and getting a perspective is essential. You can say, right, I want to do light manufacturing or industrial this. Schools tend to teach basic jobs, lawyers, doctors, and engineers, which engineering is a pretty broad field. But it's limited. And so, to get the perspective of what some of these big and medium companies in the Bay Area do, I think that's a real benefit of the program. Yes, and many students have no idea about the possibilities of what they could be or the steps needed to get that type of career.

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Many times when we're in high school, and I know when I was in high school, you go to college. That's just what you do. I didn't know about apprenticeships, and I didn't know about job training programs that were hands-on that maybe would have been a better fit for me. I wasn't exposed to that, so I didn't know. So we're all about providing all the choices and paths so students can choose what brings them joy. And many students don't have particular career exposure to specific careers in their networks. We know that networked people get more opportunities. If you do not have that network, how would you even know? So we're trying to bring our networks to every student because they all deserve it. They all deserve work-based learning. Well, I'm looking at my fourth-grade daughter's career day and am excited for her to go through it. But it's all it's all professions with one word, right? Attorney, doctor, teacher, right? It's hard to get into some of those more complex ones. Like your job hardly necessarily explains, I do workforce and data collection and partner schools, right? It's how do you break it down and expose them to this?

From host Jared Ascfh, I love the concept of what you guys are doing and opening people's eyes to the possibilities.

We're seeing a trend with employers where they no longer require a four-year degree. Many of them, you see that a lot in tech, where that's not always where they find their talent. Now you see that with airlines that have a pilot shortage, many of them are dropping the bachelor's degree requirements. It's good for people to know that these careers are available to you through a different path.

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