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East Bay Leadership's Mark Orcutt

Mark Orcutt: Transforming Leadership in the East Bay

In today's podcast episode, we're excited to host Mark Orcutt, President and CEO of the East Bay Leadership Council and Executive Director of the Contra Costa Economic Partnership. These organizations are at the forefront of economic development and advocacy in our region, working tirelessly to enhance quality of life and foster growth.

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### A Snapshot of Mark Orcutt’s Journey

Mark Orcutt hails from the suburbs of Sacramento, having attended San Francisco State—go, Gators! His career began in San Francisco with California Forward, where he was immersed in governance reform and regional solutions. His journey brought him in contact with influential East Bay leaders and ultimately led him to his current position, where he continues to drive innovation and strategic growth.

### Contra Costa Economic Partnership (CCEP)

CCEP is a unique public-private partnership focusing on research and special projects, including transit patterns, healthcare workforce demand, and broadband access. Their efforts have significantly impacted local communities, providing necessary research to aid policy decisions and project implementations.

### East Bay Leadership Council (EBLC)

The EBLC stands as a beacon of advocacy and event organization. Their mission is to strengthen the economy through public policy advocacy, tackling issues from housing to transportation and beyond. A highlight is their "Build a Bench" program, which trains local individuals to run for elected office, fostering leadership and informed civic engagement.

### Key Accomplishments and Partnerships

Mark Orcutt is particularly proud of the strides made with the Build a Bench program and the collaborative efforts with organizations like the Lesher Foundation, Children Now, and First 5 Contra Costa. These partnerships have yielded crucial reports and initiatives, such as addressing the opportunity gap for children in Contra Costa County.

### Future Policy Engagement

Looking ahead, EBLC is focusing on several key policy areas in 2024-2025: 

- Housing and Homelessness: Persisting at the top of the list, with a continuous effort to engage in meaningful advocacy.

- Transportation Funding: Ensuring the East Bay receives its fair share of resources.

- Insurance Market Stability: Engaging with state-level dialogues to mitigate destabilizing forces in the insurance sector.

### Vision for the East Bay Economy

“We are not a bedroom community.”

Mark is passionate about reshaping the narrative of the East Bay from a "bedroom community" to a vibrant workforce hub. With significant advancements in energy and technology sectors, the region is poised for an innovative future. The focus is on creating a conducive policy environment where businesses can start, stay, and grow, contributing to the overall economic health of the region.

### Data Utilization for Strategic Growth

EBLC aims to harness data strategically, focusing initially on economic recovery and business attraction. Partnering with local cities and counties, the goal is to create data frameworks that inform policy decisions and drive economic development.

### Learn More

For more information about the East Bay Leadership Council and Contra Costa Economic Partnership, you can visit their websites at []( and []( Mark Orcutt and his team are always open to connecting with citizens and businesses to discuss regional challenges and opportunities.

Mark Orcutt from the East Bay Leadership Council and Contra Costa Economic Partnership. We appreciate you being here today. Thank you!


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