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Capstone Conversation: Empowering Lives of the developmentally disabled with Jason Parks of Las Trampas

Welcome to the Capstone Conversation! Today, we delve into the heart of our community with Jason Parks from Las Trampas, a nonprofit organization in Lafayette dedicated to serving individuals with disabilities. Our host, Jared Asch, explores the invaluable work Las Trampas is doing and the challenges they face. #CommunitySupport #DisabilityServices #Nonprofit

History and Mission of Las Trampas

Originally founded in the early 1930s as a school for children with disabilities, Las Trampas transformed to cater primarily to adults over the decades. By 1990, it evolved into a day program for adults with disabilities, offering supported living options. Jason Parks outlines the organization's development and available programs, including independent living support and two residential homes. #History #Inclusion #AdultPrograms

Serving the Local Community

Las Trampas serves approximately 74 adults from Contra Costa County, offering various life skills, health, and wellness programs. The nonprofit's mission is to support these individuals and provide respite for their families. Jason explains how they continuously strive to meet the diverse needs of their participants. #LocalImpact #LifeSkills #FamilySupport

Financial Support and Its Challenges

Funding for Las Trampas comes primarily from state and federal government grants. Jason sheds light on the challenges of maintaining financial stability, including the continuous need to advocate for adequate funding. The organization faces the constant task of justifying budget increases to ensure they can offer competitive wages and sustain their wide-ranging services. #Funding #Advocacy #GovernmentGrants

Staffing Obstacles

Attracting and retaining staff is one of the significant hurdles Las Trampas faces. Jason discusses the stark wage differences between care providers and fast food workers, emphasizing the necessity of fair compensation for their staff's demanding and critical work. Despite these challenges, Las Trampas remains committed to maintaining high standards of care and support. #StaffingChallenges #CareWorkers #FairWages

Legislative Advocacy and The Lanterman Act

Jason highlights the vital role of legislative advocacy in securing necessary funding. He explains the historical context of the Lanterman Act of 1969, which grants rights and protections to people with disabilities in California. This act paved the way for current regulations and support systems but also necessitates regular advocacy to adapt to evolving needs. #LegislativeAdvocacy #LantermanAct #DisabilityRights

Final Thoughts

Jason Parks' conversation with Jared Asch reveals the multifaceted efforts of Las Trampas to improve the lives of people with disabilities. From providing essential services to advocating for better funding and policies, their commitment is unwavering. Learn more about their work and how you can support them through the Regional Center of the East Bay. #CommitmentToChange #SupportNonprofits #CommunityCare


Thank you for joining us on this insightful journey into Las Trampas. Stay tuned for more episodes where we continue exploring the impactful work in our communities. For now, we leave you with reflections on the importance of understanding and supporting those who work tirelessly to make a difference. #CapstoneConversation #CommunityImpact #MakingADifference #JasonParks #LasTrampas #Developmentallydisabled #Servingcommunities #EastBay #CapstoneGovernmentAffairs #Capstone #EastBay

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