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What Is the Richmond Promise? Executive Director Chris Whitmore Explains

From episode: The Richmond Promise - EPISODE 14

What is the Richmond Promise and what are your goals with the organization in the community?

The Richmond Promise is a post-secondary access and success initiative that launched here in Richmond in 2016. Richmond Promise is actually an initiative of the Richmond City Council. Our city leaders created Richmond Promise and created our organization using $35 million in seed funding that has been on a pay schedule here at Richmond Promise over the course of nine years. The seed funding that the city council secured for us actually sunsets next year. But as a post-secondary access and success initiative, our goals are to help young people in Richmond access higher education pathways and educate young people about what higher education pathways exist for them to access.

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We support students with a scholarship that is applicable for up to six years of their undergraduate experience. Our scholars receive $1,500 per year, again, for up to six years of a student's undergraduate education. Scholars can use that scholarship at any not-for-profit and accredited two-year college, four-year college or university, or career technical education program throughout the United States.

Our goal is to support higher education access by providing scholarship support. When our students are in college or are in a career technical education program, we also support them with scholar success programming. This is wraparound support to ensure that students not only get accepted into a degree program or into a career technical education program but they're also supported to ensure that they earn their degrees, earn their certifications. Then after they've reached that milestone, and this is a growing portion of our organization, we are building out our career access and success programming to ensure, again, that young people not only go to college, but they can come back home to Richmond. They can come back home to the Bay Area or wherever in the world they choose to be and have support in pursuit of their career ambitions and career goals. Since 2016, our organization has supported more than 3,300 Richmond youth, and on average, we serve a little more than 1,300 youth per year who are scholars in our program.

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