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Capstone Government Affairs

Capstone is a full-service coast-to-coast government and public affairs firm, specializing in government procurement, lobbying, economic development incentives, and stakeholder engagement. With over two decades of experience, Capstone brings a  wide range of valuable skills and knowledge to help our clients maximize their potential and achieve success. 


Our Services

With a nationwide reach in all 50 states, we help our clients by creating opportunities, opening doors, and closing deals. 


At Capstone, we sit at the intersection of business and government to help our clients increase their sales. Combing decades of experience and relationships in regulated industries, we manage procurement opportunities across the country.

Government and Legislative Affairs

Capstone offers expertise in government affairs and lobbying at the state, local, county, state, and federal level. Through our strong relationships with critical policymakers, elected officials, community leaders, and other decision-makers in jurisdictions across the nation, we help our clients win multi-million dollar contracts and secure effective legislative outcomes.

Economic Development

Local, state, and federal incentives are often overlooked, but they are accessible and obtainable to most companies, regardless of size and experience. Capstone will analyze your company to determine all the incentives to which you are entitled and guide you through the process to maximize your benefits.

Stakeholder Engagement

Community outreach and stakeholder engagement are keys to client success. Our experts will plan and organize strategic local, state, regional, and national political and issue-oriented grassroots campaigns, meetings, partnerships, digital strategy, and more.