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Capstone Government Affairs

The Capstone Collaborative

At Capstone, we understand the power of relationships. The Capstone Collaborative is a partnership of talented public affairs professionals, lobbyists, procurement specialists, communication experts, and government affairs consultants across the nation. Our collaboration allows Capstone to utilize experts in a field, subject matter, or geographic region to best support our clients nationwide. We bring together a superior team to serve each of our clients with their unique needs.

In addition to our Senior Advisors, Capstone has a large nationwide bi-partisan alliance with state and local consultants in all 50 states and across most local counties and jurisdictions. This broad network allows Capstone to provide our clients with access to strong relationships and inside knowledge. Together, we work collaboratively to open doors and close deals. 


Meet The Team


Founder and Managing Partner

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Jared has over two decades of experience in government affairs, politics, procurement, stakeholder engagement, and economic development consulting. Jared manages nationwide government affairs portfolios for his clients and is a skilled relationship builder with a large network that spans across industries and regions. Read Jared's full bio: .

1Jim Frazier Headshot.jpg

Hon. Jim Fraiser

Senior Advisor

A former California Assembly Member, Jim was Chair of the Assembly Transportation Committee for six years. He is the former Mayor of Oakley, CA. He is an expert in transportation and infrastructure.

1David Tucker Headshot.jpg

David Tucker

Senior Advisor

David is a veteran of San Francisco East Bay Politics. Most recently, he served as Senior External Affairs Office for the Vaccinate All 58 Campaign (CA). David directly supervised the outreach, education, business entities and  community based organization.

1Todd Priest Headshot.jpg

Todd Priest

Senior Advisor

Todd has represented organizations at all levels of government; from numerous sectors including transportation, real estate, government, non-profit and charitable foundations, aviation, and others. His expertise includes advocacy, community outreach, issues, crisis management, and media relations


Rebecca Mayer


Kristen Cooper

Senior Advisor

Kristin Cooper has over thirty years of experience  both as a grant writer and project manager. Since 2009, she has been advising clients on grant management and specializes in funding identification, grant development, technical writing courses, and strategic planning for corporations, nonprofits, and municipalities.

2Chris Collier 2.jpg

Chris Collier

Senior Advisor

Chris Collier is a veteran of California politics. Since 2008 Chris has been involved in campaigns providing communication tools, direct mail, media, and polling operations. In the public affairs realm, Collier has built a reputation for solving complex public problems in energy, waste, transportation, water, and land use for key corporate clients.

Senior Advisor

Rebecca specializes in nonprofit management, nonprofit fundraising, grant writing and community outreach. 

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